Commited to a greener and more sustainable future


As a manufacturer and global steward, we recognize our responsibility to the planet. We have continually reduced our carbon footprint by implementing environmentally friendly practices, modernized equipment, and an informed corporate culture. 

Our first step in reducing waste starts by designing and producing quality products from re-usable materials. We manufacture domestically using renewable resources, and the components that do not meet our rigid quality control standards are recycled and given new life. Just a few of our commitments towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Electricity emission reduction

  • 100% of molding machines are electric
  • Energy efficient lighting solutions in our office, plant and warehouse
  • Water chillers make the most efficient use of ambient air temperature to reduce energy consumption
  • All electric fleet of lift trucks

Raw materials

  • All packaging is 100% recyclable
  • All plastic used in production is 100% recyclable

Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Over 60%1 of our resin is from post industrial waste – saving production, transport and reducing landfill = reduced carbon footprint
  • Products that do not meet our standard and material from production shut offs are recovered, re-ground and re-purposed
  • Recycling oil from injection molding machines

Shipping emission reduction

  • Product is manufactured in Canada for the domestic market, reducing shipping emissions
  • Raw materials and components are sourced domestically where possible to reduce freight emissions

Building a culture of sustainability

  • Building a sustainable corporate culture through recycling programs and education
  • Partnerships with like-minded companies that promote sustainable practices
  • Commitment to produce only durable, reusable consumer products