An innovator and industry leader for close to 5 decades

Founded in 1974, Accent-Fairchild Group is one of Canada’s largest housewares companies. An innovator and industry leader for nearly 5 decades, AFG leverages its expertise and capabilities in manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing to deliver a unique value proposition to every retail channel and all trade partners.

International scale, world-class quality

With over 500,000 square feet of office, showroom, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution space, we are uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of today’s consumer with a family of products that appeals to every market.

Knowledge and experience

An industry leader known as an innovator and disruptor. We leverage our knowledge and relationships, to build a portfolio of respected brands. We are dedicated to offering our partners and their consumers an outstanding service experience.

Vertically integrated, fully automated

Our dynamic infrastructure is as unique as your needs. With a world class, vertically integrated plastic injection molding facility and fully automated cookware factory, we are positioned to deliver a cohesive assortment, with premium quality and speed to market.

North American quality, global outlook

Accent-Fairchild products are manufactured according to Canadian standards of quality, sturdiness and practicality, and are marketed and distributed in dozens of countries around the world. We are 100-percent Canadian owned, but our reach and vision are global.

Collaborations and partnerships

Accent-Fairchild augments its service capacities through partnerships with industry innovators such as Adwood Manufacturing, Keter Plastics, and Glasslock. A preferred provisioner of manufactured products for a host of trusted international brands, we are constantly seeking new collaborations and partnerships to help your business do better and reach higher.

Our history

Since 1974, our core values have never changed: hard work, integrity, smarts, and luck. Our history has since been built on investing in a long-term approach to growth and innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset. Driving consistent value, offering loyalty and transparency are at the foundation of how we do business. 

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